Are you ready to transform any crisis into a new life of spiritual awakening, embodied serenity, and the realization of your soul's true potential and unique creative brilliance?

Jacyntha and I took flight in a profound and transformative process which completely changed my life.

You know and feel there is much more inside of you, more to experience, share, express. You crave new levels of personal radiance and vitality, an easier access to your unique creative brilliance, a life of deep love, meaningful connection, and spiritual awakening.

And perhaps you're feeling confused right now because you've accomplished many wonderful things in your life, but now you have hit a time of crisis that has shaken you, leaving you feeling lost, disoriented, and frustrated. What used to work doesn't quite anymore and the increasing angst is no longer remedied by familiar habits.

You might even feel called to contribute to the changing world in a new way, but not if it means getting stressed, exhausted and resentful. 

I felt understood and supported in a way that I’ve never felt before.

Here's the thing, the word crisis in Greek actually means crossroad. This etymology reveals that if we don't turn the corner and embark on a new path, the current situation could stay stuck, or worse. It could become more painful and unmanageable.

I know it takes tremendous courage to admit a crisis and to reach out for substantial support. It can be even more challenging if you have a public life, major responsibilities, and especially if you have already been on a personal development or spiritual path. You might wonder if it was all worth it as new issues appear and old ones return to haunt.

Her special gift is that she empowers me to heal.

I am here to reassure you that everything you have completed has indeed brought you very far down your life's evolutionary path. You are now at the most exciting new level. You are at an essential turning point. Yes, a crossroad.

And while it might feel more like a crisis, I ask you to trust the possibility that your soul brought you here to complete your healing process. When you totally commit to yourself and reach for quality support, your pain and confusion can guide you to a whole new way of living, perhaps the most extraordinary and fulfilling phase of your life yet!

Jacyntha has an exquisite sensitivity.

My own soul's calling is to share my natural gifts as a healer and clairvoyant/sentient along with over 30 years of training and experience to be of service to your ultimate healing for you to flourish anew! I look forward to discovering how I can best support you!

I welcome you to take your first step by meeting with me for a complimentary Self-Discovery and Activation Session. We will meet for 30 minutes to share and explore your unique life situation as you...

  • Discover what is hindering your well-being and full potential.
  • Awaken your innate capacity for both serenity and success.
  • Find your next steps for inner healing towards the fulfillment of your dreams and goals.






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