Jacyntha Kamor is a transformational life coach, spiritual advisor, energy healer, and Advanced certified Higher Brain Living® facilitator. She deeply believes in the powers of healing, creativity and in our ability to live the whole spectrum of our lives in wellness, from the mystical to the material.

Often referred to as a healer of healers and a midwife of the soul, Jacyntha was born with the gift to sense and understand invisible powers that have the biggest influence on our lives and yet to stay very tuned in physically and remain highly practical.

Through her own personal healing journey, her passion for learning and developing her skills, and her years of in-depth work with a global clientele, she has carefully honed her craft into an ability to facilitate powerful transformation in deeply felt, very pragmatic and efficient ways.

Jacyntha is excited to bring her natural gifts and her 3o years of training and experience to help you restore emotional harmony, integrate spirituality and sexuality, develop optimal health, tap into and express your creative brilliance, and expand your spiritual power and awareness.


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Jacyntha has a degree in Movement Therapy, is a certified Reiki Master and a certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach (IIN), an advanced certified Higher Brain Living® facilitator, and has additional certifications in Bodywork and Psychotherapy, Authentic Movement, and more. She has been trained and initiated by very quality international healers and shamans and has been devoted to her studies and practices in shamanism, chakra healing, energy medicine, Tibetan Buddhism, yoga, while also healing with the 12-step recovery path for many years. She was also formerly a licensed and practising massage therapist for 10 years.

Jacyntha has always followed her own creative spirit which led her, for many years on parallel paths in both the performing arts and the healing arts. Early on, she trained as a dancer, then became an actress and singer. She has co-written, performed in and directed a variety of scripted and original performances in the both the US and in Europe.

In 1992, her unusual path and passions led her to the powerful and highly innovative approach to voice and movement at the Roy Hart Theatre International Voice Centre in the South of France where she lived and worked for over twelve years. Eventually, she successfully branched off in her own approach to creativity and healing called Shamanic Creativity, which she taught primarily in Germany, Spain and France.

This phase of her European journey completed in 2006 after a near-fatal car accident in Germany, resulting in an out-of-body experience and encounter with angelic forces and new spiritual guidance. Jacyntha returned to the States, continued her private healing and coaching work. She was also invited to be a creative leadership development facilitator for the Ariel Group and Inspiring Educators for leaders in Fortune 500 companies and in education. She has been a guest teacher and facilitator, in various capacities, at Harvard, Duke, Columbia and Brandeis, and some European Universities.

Whenever Jacyntha encountered physical health challenges and standard medical practices were not working, she always dove into alternative forms of education and experimentation in nutritional and supplemental healing, detoxing methods, psycho-emotional healing and various lifestyle changes--all with amazing results. Her nutritional experience includes raw vegan, paleo and keto lifestyles. She has done many kinds of deep cleanses and detoxes including organ kriya cleansing and Arise and Shine. She became a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and also Eat to Thrive, an intensive course in raw food preparation and detoxing as part of the Hippocrates Institute approach to healing illness.

These methods not only helped to heal her own health crisis, but she was able to bring more awareness, resources and inspiration to her clients. To further develop her gourmet healing food culinary skills, she has also been a gourmet healing foods private chef.

Jacyntha now lives and works in the Boston area and travels regularly to NYC, delivering in-person sessions, retreats and classes, and works with an international clientele via phone and skype.

Jacyntha has always trusted in the power of combining spirituality, sexuality and creativity to heal what ails us. She loves to share her passion for healing and transformation with others, especially because it has such tangible and lasting effects on quality of life. She is always grateful for the sense of awe she experiences when her clients open to their inner universe, experience breakthroughs into freedom, relief, and empowerment.

Come begin your own wonderful, deep and awe-inspiring journey of healing and transformation....


portraits: jillhendrixphotography.com