transformational energy healing & wellness lifestyle integration

She led me to identify and heal pain I had been carrying for decades.”

”Jacyntha possesses an extraordinary understanding of the relationship between spirit, emotion, imagination, and the body.

My approach to healing and life transformation is an in-depth process that encompasses the primary areas of your life related to your core energy centers: spiritual, mental, expressive, relational, personal presence and identity, sensual/sexual, and physical.

To live life optimally, it’s essential to open, heal, and balance these major areas of energy consciousness. Each individual’s path is unique, and yet, there are some fundamental steps in this life-changing process.

Faith in Where You Are

In this first stage, we create a safe and sacred space for your full truth to arise and be shared in conditions of deep respect and total discretion. It takes courage to admit the specifics of an inner or outer crisis, especially if you have a public life and big responsibilities. This can be even more challenging if you’ve already been on a long spiritual or personal development path. You might wonder if all your inner work was worth it as certain issues come back to haunt, new ones appear. Whether it’s an outer challenge or inner health or emotional setback, you might feel overwhelmed, baffled, furious, and/or depressed. Whatever you are feeling is the powerful energy, the fuel, to begin your special and unique journey of lasting healing and profound transformation.

Healing Core Wounds

In this part of our work together, we will explore and discover your deepest soul wounds encoded in your chakras. We will reveal how this type of inner angst can be the catalyst for your greatest spiritual lessons and expansion. When respected and understood, these core wounds become gems of self-realization. In this phase I will be applying direct healing (shamanic, chakra, or Reiki) and will facilitate a process allowing your deep knots of struggle to organically unravel as your awareness expands and you blossom into your full potential.  

Becoming Intimate with Dreams

The power of your mind is both conscious and sub- or un-conscious. First, we will explore your conscious dreams, the vision for your life and contributions, and what might be obstructing their full expression. Your true desires will be the guide for your life, and therefore for our work. We will also listen to any nocturnal dreams you have. These gifts from the unconscious are full of meaningful, symbolic language waiting to be understood and explored. When respected and tended, a dream can lead to profound realizations, lasting healing and inspired wisdom to help you with the most pressing aspects of your life.

Honoring Resistance

Resistance is a teacher. When you learn how to accept and listen to resistance, you can finally master all of your choices. When the inner battle ends, there is real freedom. This energy will guide and direct us to what you essentially need to feel well and live life on your soul’s terms. You will then discover you have the resources to create what you most deeply desire. As the inner walls dissolve and transform, your dreams for love, life success, health, etc. can fully manifest.

Understanding Your Body’s Language

Your body is brilliant! Even if uncomfortable, you can discover how your body is a living, breathing treasure chest of vital information for your spiritual growth and overall well-being. Learning to respect and listen to your sacred physical life expression is essential for a true and complete healing process. Through practices for tracking and listening to your body plus tools of energy transformation, your body will become a worthy and beloved guide. Each sensation will have a message to lead us forward on your unique path of self-realization and authentic expression.

Cultivating Clear Radiance and Full Vitality

Once your body is loved and healed, you will begin to discover the crystalline signals for your optimal health. What is most nourishing to you will include delicious and nutritious food choices customized for your unique needs. It will also include the most fulfilling relational dynamics, meaningful activities, rewarding career or philanthropy, travel, vacation and daily lifestyle. Your body can now lovingly begin to ask for more refined care, protection, and nourishment. What a change from the inner battles of restrictions, temptations, indulgences and even addictions. You will find yourself craving higher frequency nourishment in harmony with a light, mobile, shining and truly happy body.

Following Sacred Pleasure

Your body and brain are created to avoid pain and seek pleasure. When there is trauma or extended high stress (which registers the same as trauma), the pleasure-seeking aspects of your nervous system will try to compensate in ways that can become unhealthy and even addictive. As you heal your physical body and subtle energy, you are better able to discover and receive life’s truly fulfilling pleasures. You begin to savor the sweetness of embodied love rather than anxiously grab for refined sugar with its insulin-unbalancing, weight-producing, and cancer-nourishing kickbacks, or access healing trance states instead of the problematic highs and lows of alcohol. Inner harmony leads to gracefully healthy behavior, and vice versa.

The Process of Complete Integration

As your inner life heals and your soul blooms through a vibrant body, you might find your outer life and circumstances out of synch. This is when we begin to weave the healing process into your daily lifestyle. As you feel better in your core, you will also want and need the support of new structures, habits, helpers and resources. We will bring in higher standards and greater refinement to the details of your schedule, activities, relationships, work, travel, etc. This is l’art de vivre, the art of living a great life. We will create a plan that is tailored to the life you deeply desire with the most supportive staff and resources. This is when all of life becomes much more fun and truly magical!

Your Unique Creative Spirit

Once the whole spectrum of your life force is free, flowing and harmonized, more of you is available for the full potential for your unique creative genius to be expressed. Your authentic brilliance can move in ways that also enhance your inner peace and spiritual evolution. The greatest power is in being able to fully choose your most meaningful life direction from a state of optimal health. The devotion to your deep inner work will bear exquisite fruit beyond imagining. And you get to choose the first step in the direction of your soul’s path.

I welcome you to take your first step to meet with me for a complimentary Self-Discovery and Activation Session. We will meet by phone for 30 minutes to share and explore your unique life situation as you...

  • Discover what is hindering your well-being and full potential.
  • Awaken your innate capacity for both serenity and success.
  • Find your next steps for inner healing towards the fulfillment of your dreams and goals.

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Jacyntha is brilliant.”

”Jacyntha has a rare combination of deep intuition, experience of many healing modalities, and an ability to communicate subtle teachings in a clear, actionable way.



Disclaimer: While this approach has produced remarkable results, clients must take complete responsibility for their own process. These services are offered as a method of empowering you to direct your own healing process since all healing is ultimately self-healing. This approach is not to be interpreted or used as a substitute for conventional medical diagnosis or treatment for any medical or psychological condition. I recommend that clients use their best judgment and continue to see their regular medical doctors, or consult a doctor, physician or psychological expert in case of a medical emergency, trauma, or other situations when these services are required. I do not make any promises, warranties or guarantees about results of my work. The sessions do help many people, but like any modality, they might not work for everyone.