Higher Brain Living® is a one-of-a-kind, mind, body, spirit approach which awakens the core energy in your spine and opens your higher consciousness. This revolutionary and profoundly gentle approach has the capacity to move you, your whole life forward with the peace and power of an endlessly flowing river. 

This flow of energy is now recognized and measured scientifically as piezoelectric energy, and it is also considered a latent energy source with associated pathways in the body which has been known, recorded and until recently, only partially understood across many cultures and centuries.

After decades of experience, research and development, Dr. Michael Cotton has found a way to powerfully and consistently open and clear these pathways in the body through light touch contacts in a very unique protocol that mobilizes this dormant energy and directs it to the higher centers in the pre-frontal cortex. This increases the metabolism of the whole higher brain and wakes up its potential for healing, creativity, and higher consciousness. 

When the higher centers of the brain receive more energy, it creates its own feedback mechanism in the form of automatic and rhythmical breath. This is NOT you learning to breathe. It feels more like you are “being breathed.” The breath expands to increase metabolism of the higher brain where all of your potential is. This is an automatic feedback response. Later, another wave will develop to release all the lower brain debris and the stress, clearing out the pathways and opening them for more energy to go to the higher brain. Once you are in the Higher Brain state, stress releases automatically through natural rejuvenating waves in the body.

As the Higher Brain Living® System profoundly increases energy in your higher brain, together we will then create a new map for your whole life--inner world, physical health, relationships and external manifestations/environment. We will bring your newly empowered state of being to all these areas of your life for true and lasting transformation. Your new, more desirable thoughts, ideas, goals and dreams can now become your sustainable reality.

For more information and to schedule a time to meet, please go to the Contact page. I look forward to meeting you and beginning this miraculous journey with you!

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