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Before I met Jacyntha I had been on the path of self-development / healing work for over 20 years. Even though there was much personal growth during that time, bouts of extreme anxiety and grief were too familiar. I felt as though the amount of healing I had already undergone, combined with my otherwise "good life" did not warrant the deep level of pain and grief I was experiencing.  It didn't make sense to me! In my introductory phone session with Jacyntha, I felt understood and supported in a way that I've never felt before. During our sessions, Jacyntha is able to synthesize the information I share with her, and articulate the connections between creativity, sexuality, spirituality, psychology and physiology in a way that helps me understand my experience.  Since working with Jacyntha and her healing methods, the extreme anxiety has been lifted and joy and confidence have increased greatly. I look forward to continued expansion with Jacyntha as my guide. The clarity, support, guidance, love and the ultimate healing she offers is extraordinary.  - Melanie C.


Some years ago during a particular difficult time in my life, I found myself on Maui looking for purpose and direction.  Jacyntha was at a gathering of spiritual teachers and practitioners.  Feeling a bit overwhelmed, I closed my eyes and asked for guidance, I looked up and there she was directly in front of me.  After a 45 minute session I knew the universe had put us together.  She addressed unhealed core wounds and led me to identify and heal pain that I had been carrying for decades. Her special gift to me is that she empowers me to heal through her wisdom and connection with the Universe, and her ability to channel true spirit. I look forward to many more sessions. I will always be grateful to the Universe for guiding me to Jacyntha. - Beth L.


I first started working with Jacyntha 3 years ago when I had lost a close friend and needed help during this time of grief. I found Jacyntha to be so caring, compassionate, and insightful. After a few sessions, I knew that I wanted to continue working with her. Jacyntha has helped me open up my spirituality and she is “in tune” with whatever experiences I am having. She also suggests practices that I do after our sessions so that I can continue to grow and be more open. I find that I have become more self-aware during my daily life. I am so grateful that I found Jacyntha and look forward to continuing my spiritual development with her. - Pat S.


Jacyntha possesses an extraordinary understanding of the relationship between spirit, emotion, imagination, and the body.  In addition to her extensive training which ranges from experimental voice work to shamanic journeying to Jungian studies and more, Jacyntha has integrated her knowledge so deeply through experiential application that her creative work as a writer, healer, teacher and a collaborative artist is highly original.  Her rare combination of work is sought after by artists, business professionals and healers in the U.S and throughout Europe. She has an exquisite sensitivity to how a form lives in parallel process with content and how those combine to both transform artist and the art. I also feel that she is uniquely qualified to absorb spiritual ideas and bring them forth again through an expression that will illuminate an underlying truth. Finally, I would say she is one of the most creative people I have ever met! - Anne GottliebAward-winning actress, Artistic Director of Forty Magnolias Productions, Resident Scholar at the Women’s Studies Research Center at Brandeis University, teaches presence and presentation work to business leaders and professionals nationally and internationally, New York, NY


Jacyntha has a rare combination of deep intuition, experience of many healing modalities, and an ability to communicate subtle teachings in a clear, actionable way.  Many a time I have come into a session with her confused and by the end I feel energized and ready to take the next step on my path.  I have studied and trained with many spiritual teachers, world class coaches and therapists from various backgrounds and have always felt that Jacyntha’s breadth of understanding encompasses all these traditions while at the same time she adds her own unique perspective and wisdom.  Jacyntha has an extraordinary gift and whenever I have recommended her to family and friends, they have always thanked me profusely and sung her praises. - Kathy LubarAuthor of Leadership Presence, President and Co-Founder of The Ariel Group, Boston, MA


Working with Jacyntha has been a wonderful journey. What has made Jacyntha’s work so special for me is her capacity to offer support which has helped me to be active in the creation of my own transformative path. Jacyntha guided me in an holistic healing experience where mind, heart and body feel connected and awakened. Through my work with Jacyntha I have learned to trust myself and be more confident in following my passion and realizing new projects with joy. -Irene M.


Jacyntha is brilliant! A blend of intellect, heart and beautiful soul! Her work is truly one-of-a-kind. 
I felt heard, held and supported through my journey to my more radiant Self. Her tools and practices are unique and effective. Jacyntha’s guiding presence is authentic, powerful, yet accessible. Her humor and grace keep the process of self-healing and transformation, although deep and impactful, laced with a lightness of spirit. Her intuition is spot on and I love how she does a personal shamanic journey for me prior to our session together, allowing her to provide a keenly honed-in awareness about how to best support me in my process of healing, growth and flourishing. I really resonated with the words in Jacyntha’s first newsletter about “…permission for your unique Orchid Essence to bloom inside your body.”  This really tugged at something inside me to explore what is calling to be birthed from me:  a trinity of fully self - realized spirituality, sexuality and creativity. I recommend her wholeheartedly! - Colette Rue, Visionary, Writer and Mother, Seattle, Washington


It is rare to meet someone who exudes such an abundance of good energy. Jacyntha's focused approach to healing and creative growth is complemented by her endless compassion. She helped me clear away a lot of cobwebs and offered great tools to infuse a positive vibe into my personal living space. Equilibrium restored. ~TG, Writer


Jacyntha was the doorway to my spiritual life. When I first met her I was definitely lost. I didn’t know myself, I had a lot of fears, I didn’t like myself, and I was totality identified with my ego. I trusted Jacyntha because of her gifts and her power. The result was that all of the work with her changed my life. I had very strong experiences in my body and energy, and received very strong healings. I followed all the messages she transmitted to me from the Universe. Following these journeys, I met my partner, I had a child and I now work in a deep way I always dreamed I would. Now I feel confident and full of love. My inner world is connected to a way that brings me real meaning in this life.  I can only express eternal gratitude to Jacyntha Kamor. She is much more than a fabulous teacher or a guide. She is love, generosity, power, decency, clairvoyance, wisdom, and, above all, a beautiful friend, an amazing woman and an immense and brilliant being. She is unique. - Anna H. SabateActress, Teacher, Director Barcelona, Spain


Jacyntha and I took flight in a profound and transformative personal process which completely changed my life. A world I had always sensed inside of me opened up and filled my daily life with its beauty and truth. She knows how to find an individual’s inner creative resources which allow us to become who we truly and profoundly are. She never looks for performance but for truth, never asks for discipline but for excellence. She perfectly understands the stages of transformation for a person and communicates this in a rich and inspiring way. Her way of assisting is simply a return to consciousness of who we are and the path leading us to the heart of the world. Her presence is complete, unique and unforgettable. (Translated from French) -Caroline DuvalActress, Director, Teacher, Founder and Director of L’Association Artistique BE, Nice, France


Working with Jacyntha Kamor has been a milestone in my life and artwork. Through working with Jacyntha, I understood that there is a soul path in the artistic path, which really is the most important. Jacyntha's capacity to listen to and understand my soul’s needs with her intuitive exactness, her higher connectedness and her artistic skills to link this back into a performative form accessible for an audience has been a huge gift and support in my life! Understanding more about the soul’s path became a deep source of artistic inspiration. I also have developed a clearer relationship to the "invisible realms" and understood more about my connection with them and participation in them. Jacyntha gave me tools that were always based on what I myself could experience and confirm through my experience. I now feel more confident and aware and am able to handle situations differently, which otherwise would have only overwhelmed or threatened me. Jacyntha seemed to always be asking the right question, providing a space for experiences, listening to the soul’s need and the artist’s needs and mediating between the two, translating the personal into material accessible for an audience, making the personal transpersonal, bridging energy into form, working with love and compassionate endurance, helping to heal what needs to be healed, prioritizing the souls needs, able to enjoy the humour in all the depths and highs of human spirit. - Christiane HommelsheimVocalist/Singer, Actress, Performance and Video Artist, Berlin, Germany


My work with Jacyntha Kamor Taylor has been a rich and exciting experience. Together we created a performance connected to some of my "voices and characters" which we slowly brought out from my inner world. Jacyntha led me through a process of awareness, writing, singing and acting training connected to my inner resources. Many of her tools like Authentic Movement, voice, shamanic journeying, using inner images, energy work and voice dialogue remain with me until today. And not to forget Jacyntha's great sense of humanity and humor! The work with Jacyntha has trained me to be highly receptive to energy in voice and body and how they need to be expressed. The whole process has made me aware of the spiritual dimension of self-expression and art. To have gone through that process is a rich resource in my work as an artist, and also as a teacher. - Walli Hoefinger, Performance Artist, Video Artist, and Roy Hart Voice Teacher, Germany and France


Jacyntha and I have worked together as colleagues in the U.S. and France developing and performing traditional and original theatre work and as voice trainers at the Roy Hart International Centre for Voice in Malerargues, France.  Over the years we have developed a rich relationship based upon mutual interests, respect and friendship. I have taught workshops with her, observing her sensitive, intuitive teaching and generous mentoring of her students. In the many ways I know Jacyntha, I can attest that she is a gifted and well-rounded theatre artist, teacher and deep thinker, always searching and refining her ideas and methods of expressing them.  She is a genuinely intuitive person, unafraid to explore where her impulses lead and venture into new territory.  Jacyntha is smart, creative, imaginative, sensitive, warm, deeply connected to her artistic, humanistic and spiritual development. - Marya LowryAssociate Professor in the Department of Theater, Brandeis University, Founding Member, Actors’ Shakespeare Project, Boston, Board of Directors, Voice and Speech Trainers Association (VASTA)  Boston, MA